Historic Brickworks at Sydney Park

Across the highway from the entrance to St Peter’s Railway Station in Sydney Australia is Sydney Park, featuring remnants of a historic brick works.

P1050227 - Version 2

The area is located on Wianamatta Shale which is excellent brick-making clay, and provided bricks for the building of Sydney for over 100 years.

P1050231 - Version 2

This is the site of the old Austral company brickworks, now providing a sheltered space for homeless people who appriciate the cool shade it offers in the summertime.

P1050254 - Version 2

The area is now preserved as a historic site within the park, and offers some interesting shapes and textures for photographers.

P1050229 - Version 2

P1050236 - Version 2

P1050235 - Version 2

P1050256 - Version 2

As you can see, I was there in the hot, bright, contrasty early afternoon. I’d like to try dusk or dawn, although I think it could be rather spooky.


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