Smoky Night in St Peters, Sydney Australia

I’ve been enjoying sharing pictures of my travels on ImageChest, however most of the time, I am in ordinary places, out and about in Sydney Australia. In this post I am going to share a fragment one of my shorter journeys, catching the train home from St Peters station in Sydney.

St Peters is handy to Sydneys trendy King Street Newton, and I am in the area on a fairly regular basis. On this night, in 2007, the journey took on an eerie quality. To the west of Sydney, major bushfires were raging, casting a red glow in the evening sky.

DSC01054 Smoke Over St Peters Station

Although we were far from harm in the inner city, there was a scent of smoke and an air of menace. Despite this, the night sky was also beautiful.

DSC01060 Train at St Peters Station

My favourite image from this night is of this small shed at the end of the platform. It epitomises life in inner city Sydney. However the railway and the artistic graffiti are overshadowed by the glow of the bushfire in the night sky. The fire seems to be reminding us that however trendy we think we are, we are not too cool to be affected by the forces of nature.

DSC01067 Shed St Peters

Looking back in the other direction, everything appears to be going on as normal.

DSC01068 St Peters Station at Night

The express train roles through, taking city commuters home.

DSC01074 Through Train at St Peters


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