Summer Garden at Sydney Park Australia

Sydney Park is a large recreation grounds on the edges of the inner city in Sydney. It is a place of stark contrasts with the rough textures of the brickworks, admidst large expanses of very green grass under a very blue sky.

On a recent visit I chanced upon a Summer Garden, just along from the brickworks.


The garden had all the hallmarks of a lovingly tended community garden, although it seemed to be temporary.


The pink rags tied on the fence wire gave the area a festive appearance.

P1050260 - Version 2

This raised crop bed showed a eye for colour and artistic imagination.

P1050266 - Version 2

The only shade was amongst the growing plants. If I wasn’t allergic to straw, I might have been tempted to crawl in for a nap, away from the penetrating sun.

P1050270 - Version 2

The garden provided a gentler and more personal space than the stark expanses of the rest of the park.

P1050288 - Version 2

This area was the source of the Windows 7 eJoke post on my other blog site.


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