Goodbye Greeting Cards

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who are regular readers I just thought I would mention that I have decided to close down the greeting card operations. I have enjoyed turning my digital images into physical prints and producing cards of saleable quality. It was great to know that I could produce a product that could be sold in quality giftshops.

P1050439Having said that, it was proving to be a time-consuming and costly exercise. It was becoming evident that in order for the project to be a financial success I would need to pour an enormous amount of time and effort into online and face-to-face marketing. Although I enjoy photography and card-making, selling a physical product not really the direction that I want to take, so I am going to scale back operations to hobby status.

I think I will be happier using ImageChest Photography blog as a vehicle for visual storytelling, without the need to link posts back to a product promotion. Not everything in life is pretty, and I want to portray the variety of life as I see it.

Sometimes you have to wander down the wrong path to get clearer about the right one. For more reflections on the reasons for this change in direction you can check out The Sweet Taste of Disappointment on my May and September blog.


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