Scenic Fishing Village Porthleven Cornwall

If you travel 20 km (15 miles) east along the coast from Penzance in Cornwall you will find the scenic fishing village of Porthleven. This charming village has all the features of a working fishing port, with a few scenic pubs thrown in. The focus of the village is the harbour, where boats can take refuge from wild weather.

FB13 Porthleven Boats_2

Porthleven was one of the prettiest villages I saw in Cornwall, with its white houses ranging up the steep hillside.

FB10 Porthleven Street

I find it hard to believe I climbed to the top of the hill to get a birds-eye-view of the village, but I must have. Here is the photographic evidence. That’s Cornwall for you, everywhere is on top of, at the bottom of, or on the side of a hill!

FB11 Porthleven from Above

I could imagine smugglers stopping in here for a pint or two, a few centuries ago.

FB15 The Harbour Inn at Porthleven

It was a beautiful day when I was there. I walked around to the breakwater at the mouth of the harbour. There was a sign, just out of view in the image below, which said not to walk out during high seas or you could be swept away. The sea must be very rough indeed.

FB06 Porthleven Breakwater

To the east of the town is the open beach, fully exposed to the pounding elements.

FB08 Porthleven Beach

The boats in the harbour were very colourful, although as it was low tide, the water was very muddy.

FB17  Blue and Yellow Boats Porthleven_2

I was surprised to see some swans swimming in the harbour. Thanks to the murky water, they are not likely to make it onto a greeting card.

FB21 Swans Swimming at Porthleven

There are two images from Porthleven in the Fishing Boats of Devon and Cornwall series. One is a close up of the boats in the harbour.

FB13 Porthleven Boats

The other is two boats tied up to the harbour wall.

FB14 St Ruan at Porthleven

You can see the full range of the Fishing Boats of Devon and Cornwall on this website. They can be purchased from the the ImageChest Photography Etsy Store.


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