Rediscover History at Plymouth Barbican

Plymouth waterfront is not an easy place to get to know. The city’s advantage as a major naval port is based on its excellent harbour, and fortress like foreshore. Plymouth Hoe rises steeply from the waterfront, and acts as a natural barrier to the main part of the city, which lies behind it.

HC06 Plymouth Hoe

The view from the Hoe is certainly spectacular.

HA28 Smeaton's Lighthouse at Plymouth Hoe

To the east of the Hoe is a manmade barrier in the form of the Royal Citadel.

HC05 Royal Citadel and Tinside Lido Plymouth

Its uncompromising stone walls don’t whisper a word of welcome.

HA24 Plymouth Citadel

Behind the Citadel we find the historic heart of Plymouth, the Barbican. This area is steeped in maritime history, including the famous Mayflower Steps from which the pilgrims set of for America. You can imagine the sailers and emmigrants walking through this old quay to board their tiny ship. At a later point in the mid 1800’s ships bound for Australia also departed from Plymouth, which was the reason why my family history trip brought me to this part of Devon.

HB20 Sutton Harbor View

Despite exensive bombing of the city in WW2 the area still preserves many of the historic buildings.

HB08 Elizabeth Gardens Steps The Barbican

These days, the Barbican is the main focal point for tourism in the city.

HB33 Icecream Seller The Barbican Plymouth

It is adjacent to the very up-to-date Sutton Harbour marina, which acts as a temporary home to modern seafarers and adventurers.

HB12 Sutton Harbour Marina Plymouth

I was attracted to the tranquility of this boat in the inner harbour area and used a close up of it as one of my greeting cards.

HB24 Sutton Harbour towards Barbican Plymouth


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