Sydney Harbour In Lights

I ¬†travelled to the north side of Sydney recently, arriving by train at Milson’s Point railway station. I was greeted by a flourescent Harbour Bridge, with lights climbing over the arch. I had forgotten that there was a light show on around Sydney harbour.


Traffic travelling north roared off the Bridge right beside the railway station. Luckly I had forgotten the tripod.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge presides over the brightly lit city. I used the timer, but the camera was not quite stable balanced on a garbage bin lid, creating this interesting vertical blur.


Sydney Central Business District appears as a ghostly apparition.


An impressionist image of the north pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

P1050825 - Version 2

Hopefully I will never gain full control of the camera, so that I can keep allowing it to take interesting and surprising pictures.

I have not been using photography as much as I thought I would on my other blog, so when I took these, I thought of you here on ImageChest. I’ve missed you! I am still deciding how to organise my blogging and other projects, and am thinking maybe I do want to keep this outlet for photography.


Luna Park and Sydney Harbour Bridge

The northern side of Sydney Harbour touches down at Milson’s Point, with the dazzle of Luna Park tucked in under tall apartment blocks. On this weekday evening, Luna Park was closed, sending the message that there was fun to be had, but not now. Loved the contrasting red and green of these picnic tables in the function area.


Amusements were closed and wrapped for another day.

P1050681 - Version 2

The roller coaster wasn’t going anywhere.

P1050693 - Version 3

But the bright lights still beckoned.

P1050690 - Version 2

Three Sydney icons in one image, Luna Park, the Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Always smiling, the entrance to Luna Park has a creepy aspect at dusk. Perhaps its those never-blinking eyes, or those gravestone teeth.

P1050710 - Version 2

The classic Sydney Harbour Bridge View. I set the camera on the night setting and rested it on a post. It did the rest.


A view of a brightly lit pylon from the north east aspect.

P1050731 - Version 2

Its getting dark now and the Bridge is reflecting on the water. The Sydney CBD to the left.


I am glad we have finally arrived at my home town of Sydney. Travel photography is great, but its nice to be able to share something of my own area of the world.

Having given up the greeting card enterprise I am now finding that there is less need to have a separate photography blog, especially since I am not travelling. I have been trying to maintain three blogs, but finding it very time consuming and something always slips behind. So I am going to take a break from this ImageChest blog and explore combining writing and photography on the May and September Blog which has more of a focus on writing and reflection. The aim is to combine words and images on that blog to present the world as I see it, and hope you will join me over there.