A Winter’s Day in Bulli Australia

While staying in Austinmer to the north I decided to take advantage of the local bus for a day trip to Bulli, the final stop off on our virtual holiday on the Illawarra Coast. My only memory of this area was hair-raising trips down the notorious Bulli Pass, the steep mountain pass which links the top of the Illawarra Escarpment to the coastal area below.

After alighting from the bus I proceeded to walk east to find the ocean. Little did I know the coastal strip is much wider here than at Austinmer, and it was quite a long way before I saw any water. I was relieved to come across an afternoon soccer game at Bulli Park, with the Pacific Ocean behind it.DSC01212

As I approached the headland I could see parasurfers taking advantage of the waves off the point.


Looking to the north towards Sarandon Point, the sun was gleaming on the water of the bay.


A traditional Australian seawater pool looked lovely, but being mid-winter, no-one was having a splash.


Instead, families were making the most of the nearby playground.


To the south was a long sweep of beach towards Bellambi.


A nice day to be out with the metal detector looking for treasure.


This is how we do winter on the Australian east coast. I guess I am pretty lucky to live in such a temperate part of the world.

I found a bus stop and was happy to continue my day trip in the area in the comfortable, if infrequent, local buses.


Rock, Water, Seaweed

Looking to the south from the Austinmer headland we see Little Austi Beach. At the far end of the beach is another smaller headland which takes you around to the main beach featured in an earlier post.


Down on the beach the rock platform reveals its geometry.
DSC01372 - Version 4

The triangular rocks make for interesting rock pools.


Sea creatures trace patterns in the sand of the rock pool, revealing the multi-coloured rock underneath.


A sharks egg captured my attention. I had never seen one before. Apparently they are sometimes called a Mermaid’s Purse. I think this is the egg of the Port Jackson shark.¬†What an great specimen.


Up close, the seaweed situation is looking out of hand. There has been a bad storm and a huge volume of kelp has been dumped at the south end of the beach.


Sky, sea and seaweed make a great combination for a photo. Not so inviting for a dip in the ocean.


Swamped by seaweed. Yes, we’ve all had days like this.