Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

This post is on the WordPress Daily Challenge theme for this week which is Culture. The instruction was to show an image that would generate curiosity about a culture and a desire to learn more.

I was taking photos at Niagara Falls, USA when a large group arrived, apparently on group outing. I was curious as to who they were but was too shy to ask.

P1020414 - Version 2

The image was taken at the edge of the Horseshoe Falls from the USA side of Niagara Falls. The buildings in the background are in Niagara Falls, Canada.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Todays theme for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Up.

I have stood at the foot of quite a few tall towers, and mostly, thats where I stay. So when I heard the word Up my thoughts went to the one tower that I did go up, the CN Tower in Toronto Canada. Its very up. Way up.

P1010637 - Version 2

After 20 minutes happily experiencing being Up in the donut shaped viewing tower, a new word began to press upon my consciousness with  increasing urgency. DOWN.

See more images of the CN Tower here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Travelling is a time when I am very conscious of change, especially that rootless space between checking out of one hotel, and checking into another. This weeks photo challenge reminded me of a journey from Lake Placid in New York State, to Montreal Canada.

The journey began when I checked out of my hotel room, and waited in the lobby for my transport to the railway station. One last chance to enjoy the Mirror Lake out the windows of the foyer.


A mini bus drove me to the railway station at Westport.There were three of us, the driver, a passenger for New York, and me bound for Montreal.


The three of us waited for the southbound train to come through. The other passenger got on board, and the mini-bus driver picked up his next passengers, bound for Lake Placid.


Then there was one, waiting in Westport for the north bound train.

IMG_0425 - Version 2


Once on the train, it was lakeside views for most of the journey north to the border.


Welcome to Canada!. The train stops here for a quick customs inspection in the middle of a field.


My first introduction to the condos of Canada.

IMG_0463 - Version 2

As night falls, we enter Montreal.


So this is what Montreal looks like?

IMG_0477 - Version 2

I never did find out why the keep the lights turned out at the Montreal railway terminal. They advised us to pack up our things before the train reached the platform, because it would be too dark to see when the lights went out in the carriage. It was weird and creepy.


Relief. Safely arrived at another hotel room.


Niagara Falls Extra – Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

I did a mindfulness meditation retreat here. It is adjacent to the rapids at the top of the Falls, and the roar of the water can be heard constantly. There is a steep cliff between the Centre and the Falls so its difficult to get down there. I have included a picture of a aerial photo to give an idea of the proximity.