Another Paris

I have been looking at a lot of photos of my trip to Paris lately. I have been making and selling greeting cards of Paris, and I have them on my screen saver. These are  images of the beautiful romantic Paris of our imaginations. But Paris is a real city; a modern city. There is another Paris.

Near the Parmentier district where I stayed, there were modern appartments, and signs of construction work.

P1030176 - Version 2

P1030177 - Version 2

The garden at Port de l’Arsenal is very pretty.

P1030063 - Version 2

On the way there from the Bastille intersection, I walked past the makeshift accommodation homeless people.


From the bridge at Quai de la Rapee in the east of the city, you can see some of the icons of Paris in the distance. But you can also see that the Seine is a working river, transporting industrial cargo.


Turn to look in the other direction, and you see another side of the city, industrial Paris.


The monochrome yellow stone of historic Paris is charming, but the French have found a way to inject colour into the city. Some people thought these hoardings were ugly, but I found the colourful modern imagery a relief. Old and new side by side.
P1030567 - Version 2

Its tempting only to look towards the beautiful and expected, but sometimes the interesting image is in another direction.


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