Fishing Industry Old and New in Newlyn

Although steeped in history, there is something very modern about the fishing village of Newlyn. As the largest fishing port in England, Newlyn is home base to a large and modern fishing fleet.

FC45 Newlyn Harbour

I loved the colour and visual chaos of the modern fleet, and couldn’t help cropping in close to accentuate the shapes and lines produced by so many boats in close proximity.

FC58 Boats Newlyn_2

I chose a more modest working boat to include in the Fishing Boats of Devon and Cornwall  greeting card series. I like the interaction of circles and straight lines in this image, and the predominance of red and blue tones.

FC59 Fishing boat Newlyn

I was in Newlyn at low tide and tucked in behind the old harbour wall the remants of the past were telling a softer, more subtle story than the modern fishing fleet.

FC47 Old Boats Newlyn

There is something very evocative about a boat in decay which is why chose these two old hulls for the Fishing Boats of Devon and Cornwall greeting card series. It felt like a risky choice, given the state they are in. However there seems to be something that people can relate to in a boat that has seen better days.

FC48 Broken Boats Newlyn


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